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…Incorporate little details into our wedding?

Details, details, details.  It’s all about details.  Weddings where the couple’s personality shines through in the details are my very favourite to attend.  I see a lot of weddings, and especially when I’m second shooting I don’t necessarily get a chance to meet a couple ahead of time.  These little details teach me more about them then a conversation would – the immediate impact of all the little details put together lets people know who you are in a single instant.

There are many ways to incorporate details into your wedding, and no way is more right than another.  Sources like Pinterest and are filled with ideas to inspire, create, and dream.  Sometimes a couple chooses a specific theme for their wedding, other times it’s mainly in the colour choice and decor.

Here’s a few ways to incorporate little details into your own wedding:

1)  Brainstorm, brainstorm, and brainstorm:  Before you buy a single item, before you decide to go all DIY on your bridesmaids, and before you tell ANYONE, spend a month just brainstorming, pinning, and thinking.  Think about who you are, who your fiance is, and what you love to do together.  Try starting with answering these questions:

What’s your favourite song?
What’s your history together look like?
If you could choose a movie to describe your relationship, what would it be?
What colours do you both like?  What colours could you do without?
Is there any event (trip, experience, etc.) that brought you closer as a couple?

Getting these things down on paper is the first step.  If you and your fiance can’t quite agree while in person, try writing the answers to these questions separately and see where the two of you match – and go from there.

2)  Once you’ve chosen your theme, run with it:  Continue brainstorming – get creative!  How can you incorporate elements of your theme into your wedding day?  Could be as simple as the “kissing game” you play during your reception, or the way the seating chart is printed and displayed.  For example, if you both love jazz music, then each table could be a different jazz musician instead of a table number.  Your favours could be little music note cookies, and you could feature a live jazz band (or have jazz music played through dinner via your DJ).  Your groomsmen could wear pinstripes with one of those awesome hats with a feather, and the ladies could have their hair all done with 50′s glam.  It’s up to you!

3)  Create a public Pinterest inspiration board to share:  I know I said to pin, pin, pin in #1, and that’s still true.  Consider creating a new Pinterest board specifically for your attendants to view and pin to.  Start with your theme that you’ve pinned (colour schemes, theme choice, clothing or hair, etc.) and then let them add stuff in… This is the fun part!  With extra sets of eyes, you might be able to find that one perfect favour idea, or the mad gab game you’d want played at dinner, or the signature cocktail you plan on offering at the bar.

4)  Don’t be afraid to ask for help:  Finally, if decor and themes are NOT your thing, don’t be afraid to hire the professional who can make it all happen.  Wedding decor specialists are available to make your decor dreams come true.  They have access to the props, the chiavari chair rentals you HAVE to have, the centerpieces, and most of all – their knowledge.  Seriously, there’s a reason why we pay these guys – they can take your ideas and create something beyond magical that you could never have dreamed of.  Feel free to contact me if you need recommendations for reputable decor specialists in Kitchener Waterloo.  I’m happy to help!

Creating a themed wedding takes some patience and thought, but it can be done!  By taking it one step at a time, and asking for help when you need it, you’re sure to create the wedding of your dreams!

Happy planning!