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Welcome to my life!  It occurred to me recently that other than my About Me section, I’ve never taken the opportunity to introduce you to my life – my family.  My photography journey began back in high school, with my dad’s old Canon A1 film camera and a nifty fifty lens.  At the time, portraits weren’t really my thing – I was much more into landscape and nature photography.  It wasn’t until the birth of my second daughter (whom I affectionately call Kid #2) that I picked up another camera – digital this time – and began honing my skills in the world of portrait photography.  Unfortunately for my kids, they were my minions while I practiced, and now have THE worst case of Photographer’s Child Syndrome I have ever seen…

Before we get started on introductions, let’s clear something up… Yes, Canada is really my last name.  No, we’re not just excessively patriotic.  The last name is actually Spanish, and it’s techincally pronounced Can-ya-dah.  Although, the accent that is on the name doesn’t really translate to English and just drops off when you convert it to the English alphabet.  It’s simpler for us as a family to just introduce ourselves as the “Canada” family, however I do realize people seem to think we’re joking sometimes :)

Now that that’s out of the way, may I introduce you to our  Cast of Characters…

© Nicole Kathlyn | - Used with permission

My family members are my biggest supporters.  My husband, Medardo, and I have been married since 2004 and we have 3 lovely little girls (poor guy, he’s already got his man cave plans started…).  Kid #1, Abby, is our oldest – she’s cheerful and funny, and very take-charge.  She loves science and nature and princesses and fairies… The girl seems to love life in all its fullest and takes advantage of every opportunity to learn and have fun.

Kid #2, Rosalyn, is our middle daughter, and also my husband’s mini-me.  She’s funny, and spirited, and always up for a laugh.  She cares deeply about her family members, and loves to entertain Kid #3.  She can be hyper and crazy, which is why you’ll see various outtakes of my girl around my blogsite – she has perfected PCS (Photographer’s Child Syndrome) and uses every opportunity to display its symptoms!

Kid #3 is the baby, Zoe.  Although she’s not really a baby anymore (just ask her!), she’s MY baby.  She’s determined, sweet, and has a gigantic sense of humour.  She is very adept at keeping up with her big sisters, and can be a bit of a firecracker sometimes… She’s got spunk :)

I spend my days playing, cleaning, imagining, working, cleaning, playing, cleaning, learning, and listening and just enjoying as many moments with my girls as I can.  I work from home, and I love hearing my little girls playing – it’s so sweet to hear their voices and watch their imaginations run wild.  Of course, having 3 girls at home definitely has it’s share of drama at times.  But, we roll with it as best as we can and realize that they won’t be little forever.

© Nicole Kathlyn | - Used with permission

My husband and I have been married since 2004, and together since 2000.  He is my biggest cheerleader and supporter.  He keeps me going with this dream of mine, and encourages me when things don’t work how I want it to (hey, it happens!).  I can’t even imagine doing this journey alone.

And me?  Well, as you can see, I love interjecting humour into my conversations.  I dream big.  I am spontaneous.  I love having fun.  Oh, and I love a good glass of red wine and my Norah Jones.  I love LOVE.  My idea of a great date night is dinner out at a neat little restaurant and a game of pool afterward.  I love this crazy business of mine – it can be difficult, and frustrating, but it can also be rewarding, and fulfilling.  I love watching my clients plan for their weddings or helping families create memories.  I love showing up at a wedding as the hired help, but leaving as a friend.

(Photographer’s Child Syndrome at it’s finest, above… But hey, look, we got one good one! This is why I pay someone to photograph our family…)

I firmly believe in being “real”.  I am authentic and genuine.  I strive to show those characteristics through the emotion in my photographs, my art.

To you, my readers, thank you for taking the time to read this.  It means so much to me that a client has the opportunity to know who I am before they even book me.  I look forward to communicating with you all through this blog, my Facebook page, or twitter.


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